"Ask to Pet Me" Dog Patch - 100% Embroidered Nylon - Sewn In - 3.5" - Service Animal


Features and Purposes

- Round Service Dog Ask To Pet Patch

- Measures 3.5" Diameter

- 100% Embroidered Nylon

- Sewn in design; NOT iron on

- Ask to Pet Me patch is made in the USA


Product Details

Identify your service animal with a Petflect service dog Ask To Pet Patch. Made of 100% embroidered nylon; measure 3.5" in diameter; designed to be sewn to your dog's vest for maximum durability and security.  Please note that each Ask To Pet Me patch is sold separately so make sure to get one for each side of your dog's vest.  Our patches have been designed and manufactured in the USA to ensure you get the best quality for your animal's active lifestyle.  


From Petflect

Before we were manufacturers, we were consumers. And as consumers we were frustrated with poor quality pet gear made overseas. After only a few uses most of the gear would wear down and break. We at Petflect decided to fill that quality void ourselves. 

Dogs are strong, smart, and fearless so it’s an honor to make products targeted to their active lifestyles. Petflect is committed to making products that meet the highest quality standards. All of our sewn goods are made in our facility in Lake Norman, North Carolina to a PREMIUM STANDARD.

Manufacturer Part Number: PF-ATPMRP
Bulk Pricing: From 3 to 5 -- Discount per item (10%) From 6 to 0 -- Discount per item (20%)