Reflective Dog Leashes

A leash represents freedom for a dog and her owner. It is a lifeline used to keep a dog safe and provide direction. At Petflect, we are proud to produce reflective dog leashes made to order in our shop in North Carolina.

We offer traffic leashes, 4-foot leashes, and 6 foot leashes. Our color offering ranges from blaze orange with reflective to 7 colors of chew proof tubular climber’s nylon with variations including silver reflective strips, orange reflective strips, and yellow reflective strips. These styles are simple and classic. They are made to last and will have your friends asking, “Where did you get that?”.

A traffic leash or training tab is an 8-inch loop with a collar clip that is used to control a dog in crowded situations. It can be used during off leash training as an emergency grip or in combination with a full-length leash. The shorter the leash, the closer a dog stays to her owner and the more precise physical directions can be delivered.

We make traditional leashes in 4 foot and 6 foot lengths. 4-foot leashes are excellent for training, obedience classes, adoption fairs, puppy training, and trail hikes. 6-foot leashes are versatile and can be shortened on demand or lengthened so your pup can roam while you maintain control.

All our leashes are made with components of the highest quality. If you have a 2-pound puppy or a 200-pound Great Dane, a Petflect leash will do the job. We use 1-inch webbing, sew a strip of 3M reflective material to the center, then use a bar tack machine to finish the leash by sewing super strong box-x patterns at the handle and polished lobster clip.

Our leashes can be seen from 600 feet away, but they don't just reflect light. Petflect dog leashes reflect quality.

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