The Benefits of Reflective Material


At Petflect, we don’t cut costs by purchasing knock off reflective material from China. We buy directly from our 3M reflective pet gear distributor in Alabama. We use 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material because it is the most effective. It contains glass beads within the ribbon that capture light and reflect it back to the source to catch your eye.

A driver can see a pedestrian wearing dark clothing from only 150 feet away and a pedestrian wearing white clothing from 300 feet away. A pedestrian wearing 3M Scotchlite Material can be seen from 680 feet away. That is more than twice as far as white clothing!

Since it takes a driver nearly 500 feet to finish a directional change at 30 mph, pedestrians wearing reflective accessories have the best chance to be seen and stay safe.

 runners-illustration.jpg   feet-of-visibility-image.gif 



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