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You Buy, We Donate $


 OUR MISSION: To provide funding to veterinary offices to assist with the cost of medicine for dog owners who can't afford to treat their animals. 


What specific activities you conduct?

I, Robert Levi, am the sole owner of Starline Global LLC. We design and sew reflective dog leashes, dog collars, service and therapy dog vests, and life vests for dogs in our facility in Statesville, NC. All goods are made to order and we sell them online through our website, This business is focused on pet safety as all items we produce can be seen from 600 feet away because we use reflective 3M material on all products.

Recently, my 12-year-old Labrador retriever became sick. After multiple visits to the veterinarian and blood tests we diagnosed her illness. The initial cost of this diagnosis was $2,500 and these costs impacted our finances.  Her ongoing care requires medicine and periodic blood tests. I spoke to several local veterinarians and they explained that many people cannot afford to treat their animals, so they either go sick or their owner's sacrifice another expense to pay their dog's medical bills. After going through this experience, I decided I wanted to make it my company’s cause to help fund veterinary medicine and make affordable vet care a reality.

 How does it work? 

Starline Global donates 15% of all sales generated on to The Petflect Foundation. We are working to build a network of veterinarians, distribute simplified marketing material to each clinic, create clinic specific funds, and distribute the funds to qualified applicants.

 Who participates in the activities?

Veterinarians and their office associates communicate the program information to their patients so they can contribute to their veterinarian's fund via a code used at checkout. Those in need of funding can submit an application and each clinic submits recommended distributions to The Petflect Foundation for approval and distribution of funds.

 Where you conduct these activities?

The Petflect Foundation is based in Statesville, North Carolina. Donations accumulate via online purchases from customers nationwide at The Petflect Foundation promotes the cause of affordable vet care via word of mouth and online marketing to raise funds for veterinary medicine nationwide.

For immediate assistance contact us anytime at We can be reached between 8AM and 5PM EST at (704) 761-8078.